Friday, June 5, 2009

How does it all work?

To get the ball rolling, you would email me, or message me on myspace. You may also call me, if I don't get the call, leave me a message and I will return your call a.s.a.p. We will talk about what you're wanting (Lots of prints, photobooks, web use... etc). We will then work on scheduling a date and time. Your session fee must be paid before any pictures are taken. If you're paying by cash, then you can pay me before we start. Any other payment must clear before the session. I accept cash, checks, money orders, credit cards through Paypal, funded Paypal, e-checks through Paypal(I will invoice you and please note that there is a fee for Paypal payments).
Photographs will be available online for proofing within three business days. They will be in a password protected folder. You can order prints "a la carte", as can anyone else you supply the password too. These will be online for a month. If you plan to order any packages, or photo books, then you will email me, and we will work out the details. (Payment dates, Payment Plans/Arrangements, Print Pick Up).
The prints are printed by a professional photo lab in California. The quality is a 100 times better than "Walmart". It takes 5-10 Business days to recieve prints. If you're paid in full, then they can be shipped to you. Otherwise, they are shipped to me and I will notify you when they have arrived.

That was a pretty basic run down on the process.

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